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How to Pose for Couples Photos?

Do you ever wonder why even though you and your partner make an adorable couple, you struggle to take any cute couples photos? If so, that’s totally understandable.

No one likes themselves in photos 100% of the time, not even supermodels, so it would stand to reason that getting pictures that BOTH you and your significant other like is going to be a little a little difficult.

Still, you shouldn’t give up just yet. Perhaps the best way to increase your chances of snapping that perfect date night pic to pose it right. So how can you get cute couples poses? Here is a simple list of tips to help.

5 Different Couples Posing Tips

Utilize Levels/Props

Most couples have some sort of height difference, and it can make getting good angles of both of your partner a little difficult. Don’t be afraid to utilize levels with variations of poses like the piggyback or princess carry. Props can also help. Things like chairs, sofas and stools are an easy go-to, but don’t be afraid to get creative and use whatever you can find in your setting. From tree stumps to staircases, you would be surprised how many levels you can find in any given environment.

Conquer the Selfie

If you're simply looking to get some cute pictures of your night out then perhaps it’s time you learned to conquer the couple’s selfie. You can do this by holding your phone above your faces, instead of below, and making sure your faces are angled towards the light instead of away to avoid excessive shadow. It can also help to angle your heads highlighting the curves of your jawline and avoiding the stiff awkwardness of a completely straight neck.

Discover your Style

Taking just a little time to familiarize yourself with the different styles of coupled photography can help turn your photos from sub-par to fabulous. You can research different looks and poses easily enough using Google Images or Instagram, but when it comes to saving or categorizing the different looks you are inspired by, Pinterest is your best friend.

Note the Natural

Posing doesn’t have to be a struggle. The key to a good pose is making it look candid and comfortable. The thing is, what is comfortable for one couple might be awkward for another, so it’s important to find what works for you. One way to do this is to note what poses you assume with your partner naturally. Maybe they like to rest their head on your shoulder while watching a movie or come up and hug you from behind. After making note of these candid poses you can use them to get photos that look comfortable and familiar.

Use a professional

If the task of posing for couples photos still feels uncomfortable or daunting, and the previous tips just aren’t cutting it, then we recommend you simply hire a professional photographer. If for whatever reason you really want the photos to look good it’s best to skip all the hassle and hire a professional who is not only skilled at posing couples, but staging everything from lighting to angles. This takes all the stress away from you and ensures gorgeous couples photos.

As Cedar City photographers, the personnel at Black Ridge Media productions are experienced in capturing the best of families and couples. BRM is passionate about preserving the memory of those you love by catching special moments and turning them into a piece of art that you can treasure. Contact Black Ridge Media to book your professional photographer.

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