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Is a Wedding Videographer Worth It?

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

To say that wedding planning is stressful would be an understatement, especially when doing it on a budget. It’s important to know what matters most to you, and where you’re willing to cut a few corners. But prioritizing purchases and costs, like a wedding videographer, can be difficult and feel overwhelming. Consequently, knowing why you might need or want something makes wedding planning that much easier.

For example, if you love high-fashion and plan on passing down your wedding dress for generations, then a custom fit dress from your favorite wedding dress boutique is worth the high cost. If you simply want something to wear once that will make you feel beautiful on your wedding day, then you might rent your dress or purchase it from a retailer like June Bridals for a fraction of the cost. Because being aware of the benefits behind potential wedding purchases is so vital, here is a list of reasons to hire a professional videographer to help you streamline the decision making process.

4 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer

1. Professional Quality Wedding Footage

Professional wedding videographers have superior sound and video recording equipment. When you hire a wedding videographer they come with all equipment needed for documenting such an important event. This kind of professional equipment produces higher quality wedding footage than your average camera or iphone.

In addition to having the proper equipment, a professional videographer simply has the necessary skill and experience. The right videographer can make almost any wedding venue look breathtaking and romantic, while someone with little to no skill will struggle to capture the beauty of even the best destination weddings.

2. Dependable Skill vs. Wedding Party

You don’t want to get your phone back from the groomsman you had asked to film the first dance only to find that that your heads weren’t in the shot for the first thirty seconds, or find out that your grandmother was so choked up during the ceremony that she forgot to press the “red button” and missed recording your vows all together.

When you hire a professional wedding videographer you are getting skill that you can depend on to be there to capture all of those “one in a lifetime” moments that happen on your big day.

3. Professionally Edited Wedding Video

Another reason to hire a wedding videographer is for the editing work that they do for their clients. Professional videographers have the software and the editing knowledge to create beautiful wedding videos.

By hiring someone else to make your wedding video you save yourself the time and the headache of having to sort through hours of footage. Not only does the videographer do this for you, but they have an eye trained to select the golden shots that you want memorialized and have the editing skill necessary to piece these shots together and match the soundtrack to the footage.

4. Best Wedding Keepsake

When all is said and done, the biggest reason for hiring a professional wedding videographer is for the wedding video that comes from it. You might save the dress, or place a wedding album on your mantel, but nothing will preserve your memory of the day like a wedding video.

Watching your wedding footage allows you to not only remember your big day, but relive those wonderful moments that made your wedding so special.

If for any of these reasons you are considering hiring a professional videographer for your wedding, it will definitely be a good investment.

If you're planning a southern Utah wedding then we recommend you consider Blackridge Media Productions. This local business offers great video and photo packages that come with a skilled videographer experienced in wedding filming and editing, making their services the perfect addition to your wedding budget.

By: K. Holloway

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