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4 Different Types of Video Marketing to Promote Your Business

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Chances are if you’re reading this article you’re wondering about the different kinds of video marketing, and how they can help your business. This is important because there so many different kinds of video marketing and strategy. To help you understand all the video options that are available to you we’ve come up with a list of the four main video categories used in video marketing to promote big and small business.

What are the different kinds of video marketing?

1. Educational Videos

The purpose of an educational video is to teach your target audience something that they didn’t know before. Educational videos can include “explainer videos” and tutorial or “how-to videos”. An explainer video might explain why your service is necessary or beneficial. A how-to video could be a longer in-depth tutorial of how to use your product, or a short video teaching the view how to perform a simple repair on your product.

2. Product Videos

Product videos are perhaps the most popular when it comes to video marketing. Product videos feature the product or service your business has to offer. How you choose to present the product is up to you. Product demo videos are fairly simple, highlighting the basic features of a product. Similar to demo videos product review videos are a basic review of a product and how well it works, while product release videos often use a more commercialized style to create and build excitement surrounding the new product.

3. Brand Videos

Your business is unique, and your customers need to know what it is that makes it special. Brand videos are a great way to showcase your company culture and business personality. A brand video will tell the public what your business stands for and what unique role it fills in the communities it serves. A brand video might include business event footage or footage of employees sharing company values and explaining the company mission. Another thing businesses use brand videos for is sharing their company history and background.

4. Testimonials

Just as straightforward as they sound, testimonial videos contain sound and video footage of people giving different testimonials about your business. This can include customer testimonials, employee testimonials, seller testimonials (yes, your customers could hear about your business directly from you) or any combination of the three.

Not all types of video marketing will be right for your business, but the first step in developing your video marketing strategy is hiring a professional videographer that will work well with you. At Black Ridge Media we know your business is important to you and we are passionate about creating quality video content that will help you grow your business.


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