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Should I use Product Videos for Marketing my Business?

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

In today’s age of online ordering and doorstep delivery, creating a successful business is no longer about physical location, but online location. People expect to be able to access whatever knowledge they’re looking for by simply tapping on a keyboard. If potential buyers can't find information on your business, then they're likely to take their business to your competitors.

Creating an online location for your business can seem like a daunting task, but a great place to start is with product videos. Professional product videos are one of the most effective and simple ways to ensure that your business information is reaching your consumers.

How Professional Product Videos can Help Market Your Business

Easily Located

When it comes to shopping, customers want to know what they’re getting up front without having to work too hard. They don’t want to sort through reviews or read long product descriptions to find the information they are looking for. Watching a short product video can answer a customer's questions without forcing them to search for it.

Appealingly Presented

A professional product video is the key to appearing legitimate to your consumer. A high quality video tells consumers that you are serious about your product or services. A good product video will be able to communicate any necessary product information while simultaneously increasing the products visual appeal. Whatever you're selling from food to real estate and everything in between, any product can be made more appealing with a high quality product video.

Simply Displayed

Product videos help increase the simplicity of your online display. Videos are especially helpful if you’re selling the product through a third party service like Amazon or Etsy. Adding a product video listing can show your product in ways that images can’t. This eliminates the need for extra photos and descriptions that can clutter up the listing or product page and distract from the product. Simply put, simply displayed products sell better.

Greater Audience

Product videos can also help build your consumer market. By adding a product video to your business profile on google you can improve your ranking on a google search, and by adding videos to your business social media page(s) you can improve your SEO and reach a greater target audience.

If a product video is just the thing your business needs, then book a videographer today. Black Ridge Media productions is a professional videography and photography company experienced in making product videos for both local and corporate businesses. Black Ridge Media Productions can provide quality footage and expert editing to supply you with professional product videos to grow your business.

By: K. Holloway


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