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4 Things to Look for When Hiring a Videographer

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Professional videographers are needed for all kinds of projects from product videos to event coverage, and while the reasons people have for hiring a videographer may vary, most want to know that they’re getting the best product for the price.

It's tempting to do a quick google search of videographers in your area and simply find the cheapest one, but chances are, if you do, you’re going to end up disappointed.

Luckily, there are some standard things to look for when hiring a videographer, no matter what project you need them for. To help, we’ve compiled a short list of things you need to know before booking your videographer.

What to look for in a videographer?


This one trait is perhaps the easiest way to separate the professional videographers from the amateurs. When selecting a videographer, look at how efficiently they run their business. Do they have a system in place for communicating with clients? When asked, are they prepared to give you a price estimate on your project?

The more organized a videographer is, the less likely they are to be late to a shoot, forget important equipment, or accidentally misplace essential footage during the production process. An organized videographer is a dependable videographer.

Experience Specialty

Before hiring a videographer, it is important to know that they are experienced in the kind of video work you need done. While some videographers have a wide range of experience, other often specialize in a specific type of videography. If you need someone to shoot some outdoor/wildlife footage for a company that provides adventure tours, then you shouldn’t hire someone who has only worked as a wedding videographer.

So how can you determine if a videographer is a good fit for your project? Ask them. Ask them if they have experience with event coverage or doing video marketing. Whatever it is you need help with, just ask. If they really aren’t comfortable working on your kind of project, they will tell you. If they say yes, then ask to see an example of a similar project from their portfolio. A videographer’s portfolio is a collection of videos showcasing their skill and looking through a portfolio can give you a good idea of the videographer’s experience and specialty.


Another great reason to peruse the portfolios of potential hires, is to determine the quality of their work. A videographer’s portfolio is how they showcase their final product and it’s a great way for you to determine if their work is a product you are interested in purchasing. Look at the overall video, sound and editing quality of the work before deciding if a videographer is right for your project.

You can also ask what type of equipment the videographer works with to determine what kind of video quality to expect from them. Better equipment means a better end result, and a videographer's equipment can be a good indicator of their expertise.

Turn Around

It's important to know how quickly your videographer will be able to complete a project before booking them. They may already have their hands full with other projects and need to put you on a waiting list, have a limited schedule, or simply take more time to complete the editing process.

Ask what date you can expect to receive the finished product by, if they can’t complete it by the desired deadline, you’ll know to look for someone else. Better to know before, than to get through with filming only to find out that you won’t be receiving the final cut until well after you need it.

Hopefully keeping these standard expectations in mind will help narrow down your options and find a videographer that is a perfect fit for you and your project.

Black Ridge Media Productions has a large portfolio containing a variety of projects from wedding videos to product promotion. Contact Black Ridge Media today to book an experienced videographer for your project.

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