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Should I invest in Video Marketing for my Small Business?

When people think of video marketing, they often think it only applies to big business, the kind of multi-level corporations that can afford to create, and air elaborate Super Bowl commercials. But there are many different types of video marketing, and they aren’t just for big business.

Understanding just a few of the ways that video marketing can improve small business, could make all the difference in your small business’s future success.

Ways video marketing can benefit small businesses:


Youtube is one of the largest search engines in the world, second only to Google. But, the only way to get your business on this search engine is with video content. Youtube can exponentially improve your SEO, and this increases the chances of new customers finding your business. Besides increasing your business exposure, Youtube is a free platform that provides a great medium for patron-business interaction.

Social Media Feeds

In today’s world most businesses large or small have some sort of social media page. Video marketing can help businesses rake higher on social media feeds, giving you another easy way to reach new customers and improve business. Not only does video help your business rank higher on social media feeds but also helps diversify the content on your business pages.

Cost Effective Advertising

Small businesses often have a limited advertising budget, and consequently need to be smart about how and where they spend on advertising. This is where video advertising comes in. Yes it’s an investment (any form of advertising is) but according to StartUp Bonsai 80% of marketers surveyed say that video directly improves sales. Additionally, customers report that product videos are helpful in the buying process, and 68% of customers say that the pandemic has affected how much video content they consume.

In short, video is the most cost effective form of advertising because you will see more return on video than any other marketing avenue.

Increased Community Connection

It’s common knowledge that for businesses to thrive they need to create a connection with the local community or the publics they serve and depend on for success. Video marketing can help create, strengthen and sustain community connection.

Videography does this by allowing the faces and voices of your small business to connect with community members through their screens. This provides another way for customers to become acquainted with your small business, so even if they weren’t super familiar with it before, the next interaction they have with your business will be easy and relaxed. It can be something as simple as watching a short brand video on the city’s Facebook page or Twitter account that makes all the difference. Community members will feel comfortable supporting your business because they know who it belongs to and what the business stands for.

As a southern Utah business, Black Ridge Media has created video marketing content for businesses of all sizes. The professional videographers at Black Ridge Media are especially passionate about creating high quality photo and video content to keep your small business thriving.

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